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Thinking about Petipa’s bodytype…
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Oh you poor thing.
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Homestuck? Homestuck.
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God bless Alternia
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I am not budging on base prices, first off. I may add a few more dollars here and there depending on how complex the lineart/sketch may turn out. It depends and I’ll discuss it with you if it comes up.
I can’t do colored lineart. I seriously cannot color. Please don’t ask. Also, I do my lineart/sketches traditionally (meaning on paper) and are scanned via printer.
As for the talksprites, I do those via Flipnote software. Meaning, I only have three colors to work with: black, red, and blue. They’re not going to be very big either (256 x 192).
WHEN YOU COMISSION, please please please be specific as possible. I need every detail you can think of to make the product to your liking.
If you’re curious on how the process will be while I do your comission, I will be giving you updates depending on how regularly you want them and/or how I feel I should update you (Daily, weekly, or with each milestone covered). 
Things I will not do:
NFSW content
I’ll do death, some smooch, some blood. Talk with me over it, though, please.
Thank you, and I hope you consider me for a commission.
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I got so.
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Doodled up some designs for the Sins Session I got. Also gave them all different noses. Many noses.
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Dumb pen doodles of Radica for scale
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New fantroll Radica Dondre